Catalogue ReferenceCOR/WT
TitleCoroner's records: Wantage Division
DescriptionCase papers, loose papers, annual returns and recapitulations were originally
bundled together. Those for the period 1875-1879 (when W.D. Wasborough was Coroner) were bundled according to date in annual bundles with the annual returns on top. From 1879 (with the election of L Jotcham as Coroner) case papers began to be numbered and from then until 1893 they were bundled in groups of fifty according to number with loose papers, annual returns and recapitulations interspersed according to date. In 1893 the system again reverted to annual bundles, this time in reverse order with January at the bottom and December at the top and at the very top the annual returns. The death of L Jotcham in 1905 and the appointment of his son W. C. Jotcham resulted in a new sequence of numbers for case papers but the bundling system remained unchanged right up to 1912. The later case files covering 1947 to 1951 were found in a random order amongst the papers of the solicitors Challenor & Sons of Abingdon.

For reasons of convenience and consistency bundles have now been rearranged
in annual groups beginning in January and ending in December. Loose papers, annual returns and recapitulations have been extracted and stored separately.
RepositoryBerkshire Record Office (code: GB 005)
Extent910 bdls, 6 docs
AcquisitionDeposited in December 1962 (acc.898) and November 2016 (acc. 9995)

Schedule of accessions:
Acc. 898: 1/1-38; 2/1-23; 3/1-5
Acc. 9995: 1/39-43; 4/8-9
ArrangementArrangement of catalogue
1. Case papers
2. Notifications of deaths
3. Annual returns
4. Miscellaneous
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