Catalogue ReferenceD/EBP
TitleThe Bouverie-Pusey Papers

ACOUNTS: various, 1567-1888.

CORRESPONDENCE: various, c.1800-1860.

ESTATE PAPERS: papers re Berkshire estates, 1560-1859; Kent estates, 1386-c.1860.

FAMILY PAPERS: agreement, notification, receipt, notes, pamphlets, diary, will and other papers of the Pusey family (reference to Sir William Mancel), 1298-1854.

LEGAL RECORDS: papers re Drake v Drake, 1707-1708; West v Blathwayt, c.1711; Dickins v Shipton, n.d.; various acts and other papers, 1615-1850.

MANORIAL RECORDS: papers re manor of Pusey, 1404-1461; manor of Mounsley, 1628-1681; manor of Shenington, 1502.

OFFICIAL RECORDS: papers re Shrievalty, 1629; parliamentary elections, 1832-1852; Berkshire Declaration, 1832; taxation, 1555-1636.

MAPS & PLANS: Lyford, 1817; Charney, East Challow, East and West Hanney, Hatford, Longworth and Stanford, nineteenth century; Kensington, nineteenth century; Hatford, 1725-1854; Longworth, c.1750; Pusey, n.d.; Streatley, c.1890.

TITLE DEEDS: various properties in Abingdon, 1250-1463; Abingdon, Sutton Courtenay and Drayton, 1349-1533; Ardington and East Lockinge, 1634-1646; Ashbury, 1351; Bockhampton in Lambourn, 1290-1361; Buckland, 1250-1315; Buckland and South Denchworth, 1324-1342; Charlton, 1624; Childrey, c.1250-1324; Childrey and Brockhampton, 1336; Charney in Longworth, 1296-1867; Charney and Goosey in Stanford, 1728-1853; Denchworth, 1646; Eaton in Appleton, 1636-1637; Garford in Marcham and Lyford in Hanney, 1692-1835; East Hanney, 1782-1833; West Hanney and Denchworth, 1667-1833; Hatford, 1663-1822; Goosey, 1620-1712; Kingston Lile, 1634; Lambourn, 1605; Lyford in Hanney, 1351-1838; Longworth, 1413-1852; Mackney in Brightwell, 1418; Moulsford and Tilehurst 1627; Newbury, 1398; Pusey, Buckland, Abingdon, 'Colrugge', 'Westinton', Bockhampton in Lambourn, c.1250-1300; Pusey, c.1250-1869; East Shefford, 1598-1631; Shellingford, 1675; Shinfield, 1415; Sparsholt, 1629; Sulhamstead Abbots and Bannister, Ufton Nervet, Ashampstead and Moulsford, 1626; Stanford in the Vale, 1331-1851; Streatley, 1612-1698; Tilehurst and Cholsey, 1627; Wantage, 1344-1693; Little Wittenham, 1625.

Out County: Kent - Chart Sutton, 1556-1752; Chart and Sutton Valence, 1615-1649; Sutton Valence, 1568-1638; Chart Sutton, Sutton Valence and Boughton Munchelsea, 1502-1630; Boughton Munchelsea and Marden, 1649-1655; Ockham, 1569-1649; Chart Sutton, Sutton Valence, Langley, Boughton Munchelsea, Staplehurst, Broomfield and Marden, 1550-1842; Ditton, Aylesford and East Malling, 1846; Bedford, 1624; Buckinghamshire, 1509; Glamorgan, 1798; Hampshire, 1669; Isle of Wight, 1594; London and Middlesex, c.1292-1846; Northampton, 1606-1634; Northumberland, 1798; Oxford, 1415-1678; Wiltshire, 1558-1798; Wiltshire and Berkshire, 1625-1636; various counties (Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Yorkshire, London and Westminster), 1752.
Wills and Settlements: wills, 1630-1842; settlements, 1479-1855.
RepositoryBerkshire Record Office (code: GB 005)
Extent31 vols, 203 bdls, 121 docs
Admin HistoryThe collection is one of considerable complexity, firstly because of the extinction of the male line of Pusey in 1710 and the subsequent settling of the estate by John Allen Pusey's sisters on Philip Bouverie, nephew of J A Pusey's wife, and secondly because the acquisition of the manors of Mansell's Court and Bishop's Court has resulted in the inclusion of some, if not all, of the surviving municments of the Dunch family and their predecessors, the Fettiplaces.

The death of Charles Pusey without heirs in 1710 resulted in the estate passing to his nephew John Allen of Streatley, who assumed the surname Pusey. On his death without issue, the estate passed to the Hon Philip Bouverie, who in 1784 assumed the surname Pusey, from which connection the Kentish estates come to be represented here. the effects of the Pusey Estate Act, 1832, on the whole estate have not been worked out in this catalogue; what complications it produced will become more apparent on fuller treatment.

Mansell's Court and Bishop's Court were purchased in 1749 by John Allen Pusey from Anthony Keck of Great Tew, Oxfordshire, to who they had descended from the female line of Dunch, which fanily acquired both manors from the Fettiplaces in 1628.

The fine archive of the Bouverie-Pusey family of Pusey, Berkshire, and of Kent, c. 1250-1890, includes a large accumulation of deeds of the family's extensive estates, c.1250 - 1869, including two deeds having Dick Whittington as a party. Other important medieval documents include a 1298 agreement between two knights for mutual aid in peace and war, and the undated notification of one of the same knights of a tenant's homage (written in Norman French). There are many papers relating to the prominent Dunch and Fettiplace families, acquired by estate purchase in 1749. The private and political papers of Philip Pusey MP, a noted agriculturalist, 1821 - 1878, shed light on his career and on developments in agriculture. Of particular interest is the 'Berkshire Declaration' of many leading landowners against the Reform Bill, 1832, with copies of supporting letters.
AcquisitionDeposited by Captain E B Bouverie-Pusey per Messrs Tylee & Co and Messrs Pennington & Co, solicitors, January 1951 (accs. 317, 324)
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