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TitleManorial documents, deeds and family papers, relating to the estates of the Craven family in western and northern Berkshire.
Description[Only a very small proportion of the collection has been added to the online catalogue. We hope to be able to add the rest soon. Please contact Berkshire Record Office for futher information about this collection.]


ACCOUNTS: bailiff's accounts, household accounts, rent accounts, bills and receipts, 1634-1887.

BUSINESS PAPERS: lease, indentures, assignment of shares, letters and other papers, 1604-1839.

ESTATE PAPERS: papers referring to estates in Hampstead Marshall, Uffington, Enborne, Holt in Kintbury, Beenham Valence in Speen, Ostone Farm in Ashbury, Lambourn, Idstone in Ashbury, Sutton Courtenay, Garford in Marcham, Hagbourne, Kingston Lisle and Fawler in Sparsholt, Inkpen, Sutton Wick, East Hendred, Drayton, Baulking, Woolstone, Compton Beauchamp; Stoaksey, Stanton Lacy, Marrington, Edgstone, Onibury and Wootton, Tugford, Little Dawley, Earls Ditton, Ryton and Kinnerly (Shropshire); Combe, Binley and Southam (Warwickshire); Baydon (Wiltshire), 1620-c.1890.

FAMILY & PERSONAL PAPERS: letters, genealogical notes of the Craven and Garrard families and other papers, 1574-c.1829.

LEGAL PAPERS: cases, petitions, answers and other papers concerning the Manor of Hampstead Marshall, Odstone in Ashbury, the warren at Chipping Lambourn, Uffington, Manor of Kingston Lisle, Benham Marsh and lands in Berkshire, Warwickshire and Yorkshire, 1537-1892.

MANORIAL RECORDS: Manor of Ashbury, court rolls and other papers, 1572-1841; Manor of Benham Valence cum Westbroke in Speen, court rolls, court books and miscellaneous papers, 1343-1838; Manor of East and West Enborne, court rolls and other papers, 1661-1841; Manor of Garford in Marcham, court rolls and other papers, 1664-1757; Manor of Hagbourne, court rolls and other papers, 1663-1757; Manor of Hamstead Marshall, court rolls, 1668-1840; Manor of Holt, alias Kintbury Eaton, earlier Kintbury Holt in Kintbury, court rolls and other papers, 1663-1840; Manor of Inkpen or Inkpen Eastcourt, court rolls, survey and other papers, 1300-1840; Hundred and Manor of Lambourn, court rolls and other papers, 1660-1840; Manor of Sutton Courtenay, court rolls and other papers, 1476-1786; Manor of Woolstone in Uffington, court roll 1737; Manor of Uffington, court books and other papers, c.1620-1812; Manor of Woodspeene in Speen, court rolls and other papers, 1593-1757.

OFFICIAL RECORDS: letters Patent, tax roll, estreat of fines and other papers, 1597-1762.

MAPS AND PLANS: Map of Compton Beauchamp, c. 1790; map of Enbourne, 1781.

PARISH AND CHARITY: Papers relating to setting up a charity school in Ashbury, 1724; case of repairing Hagbourne Church, 1674.

TITLE DEEDS: various properties in Abingdon and Beedon, 1760; Ashbury, 1597-1823; Ashbury with Idstone, Odstone and Kingston Winslow, 1544-1867; Cholsey, Woolstone and parishes in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire, 1732; Compton Beauchamp, 1772-1865; Enbourne, 1755; Hagbourne, 1627-1823; Hamstead Marshall, 1572-1822; East Hendred, 1697-1736; West Hendred, 1708-1710; Inkpen, 1718-1797; Inkpen and Kintbury, 1538-1853; Inkpen, c. 1200-c. 1300; Inkpen, Kintbury and Kingston Lisle, 1811-1821; Kingston Lisle and baulking, 1811; Kingston Lisle and Uffington, 1811; Lambourn 1515-1874; Marcham, 1545-1662; Reading, 1632-1681; Reading and Shinfield, 1628-1630; Shrivenham, 1683-1715; Sonning, 1759-1784; Sparsholt, including Kingston Lisle and Fawler, 1632-1853; Speen and Newbury, 1630-1801; Steventon, 1693; Twyford county Wiltshire, 1702; Uffington, 1786-1866; Uffington, including Woolstone and Baulking, 1578-1872; Wantage, 1718-1720; White Waltham, 1664; Old Windsor, 1697-1818; Wokingham, 1805-1815; Woolstone, 1811-1821.Yattendon and Hampstead Norris, 1499-1776.

Deeds of personal estate, 1623-1894; leases for various parts of the estate, 1566-1885.

Out County: Baydon (Wiltshire), 1811; Bishopsgate (Wiltshire), 1812; Killycombe (Carmarthen), 1738; Rendcombe, Withibridge and Boddington (Gloucester), 1673-1732; Ecchinswell (Hampshire), 1799-1819; Shone (Kent), 1849; Folkingham (Lincolnshire), 1805; Hillingdon (Middlesex), 1815; Chatton and East Newton (Northumberland), 1613-1654; Stanton Lacy (Shropshire), 1650; Manors of Boreham, Rockland and Warthing (Sussex), 1721-1743; Southam (Warwickshire), 1779; Evesham (Worcestershire), 1641.
RepositoryBerkshire Record Office (code: GB 005)
Admin HistoryThe close connection of the Craven family with Berkshire began in the early seventeenth century when one branch became settled at Benham Valence in Speen. In 1620, Elizabeth, widow of Sir William Craven, formerly Lord Mayor of London, purchased Hampstead Marshall and Uffington estates from which her son took two of his titles. After suffereing sequestration during the Interregnum, the estates were restored to the Earl of Craven after 1660, by which time he also held Ashbury, Lambourn, Sutton Courtenay, Inkpen, Enborne, Hagbourne and Kintbury. Later the Benham Valence branch succeeded to the title.
AcquisitionDeposited between 1941 and 1972.
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