Catalogue ReferenceD/EMT
TitleManorial documents, deeds, family, business and estate records of the Mount family of Wasing

ACCOUNTS : personal and general accounts, 1742-1768; sundry expense accounts, 1758-1781; estate accounts, 1723-1818; general accounts, 1758-1812; trust accounts (re will of John Mount), 1786-1801; bills and vouchers, 1760-1870; bank pass books, 1748-1761; St Thomas' Hospital accounts, 1748-1761.

BUSINESS RECORDS : papers re stationers' business of John Mount and Thomas Page, 1763-1781; correspondence of William Mount, 1795-1796; correspondence and papers re Colthrop Mills, Thatcham, 1818-1893.

ESTATE PAPERS : surveys of estates at Thatcham, 1798, Aldermaston, 1838, and Oare, 1840; Wasing timber accounts and valuations, 1759-1849; inventory of goods at Wasing Place, 1815; agreement for inclosing lands in Aldermaston, 1808; Thatcham inclosure act, 1811; order for diversion of footpath in Wasing Wood, 1873; bill and act to make River Kennet navigable, 1715-1730; agreement for deviation of railway, 1882; correspondence re site of Brimpton Station, 1881-1900; farming agreements and notes, c.1800-1870; farm tenancy agreements, 1846-1855; cottage tenancy agreements, 1845- 1876; papers re tenancy and repair of Aldermaston Mill, 1853-1859; sale catalogues of Midgham estate, 1902, Woolhampton and Brimpton estates, 1906, Ferrises, Woolhampton, 1925, and property in Greenham and Thatcham, 1870; miscellaneous, 1699-1901.

FAMILY PAPERS : City of London freedom certificates, 1708, 1745; sermon on death of Richard Mount, 1722; advice by William Mount to his children and grandchildren, 1745, copy advice by Richard Mount to his children (c.1722); birth certificates, 1749-1760; accounts of journeys in Kent, Teignmouth, Birmingham and Paris, 1759, 1782-1808, 1855; marriage articles of Thomas Page and Jane Mount, 1728; bond re marriage of William Mount and Jenny Page, 1781; annuity accounts, 1778-1783; probate of Jenny Mount, 1844; "obituary memoranda", c.1800-1860; papers re family settlements, 1826-1853; correspondence and papers (personal and political) of William Mount, 1816-1832; notebooks of T E Mount, 1838-1841; marriage licence for W G Mount and Marianne Clutterbuck, 1862; correspondence and papers re R J Mount, 1877-1890; probate accounts of William George Mount, 1906-1908; papers (mostly political) of Sir W A Mount, 1878-1918; miscellaneous, 19c.

LEGAL PAPERS : papers re cases Mount vs Smyth, 1712-1785, Mount vs Roberts, 1784-1785, and Page vs Mackreth, 1781-1786; legal charges due to R Townsend, 1800-1827.

MANORIAL RECORDS : Colthrop manor court rolls, 1485-1715, court book, 1773-1846, and rental, 1543; Henwick manor court rolls (copy), 1560-1578, court book, 1560-1578, 1671, 1735-1805, and index, c.1735-1805; Thatcham manor court book, 1738-1846, papers re encroachment on waste, 1826, and miscellaneous, 19c.

OFFICIAL RECORDS : papers re shrievalty, 1769-1770, 1826-1827.

MAPS AND PLANS : Oare, Chieveley, 1756, 1782; Thatcham, 1817, 1841; Wasing, c.1750, 1838-1850; Wasing railway plan, 1882.

PARISH AND CHARITY RECORDS : Wasing parish agreement for commutation of tithes, 1839.

TITLE DEEDS : Aldermaston manor, 1670-1690; Aldermaston Mill, 1694-1855; property in Aldermaston, 1533-1857; property in Brimpton, 1639-1856; Oare manor, Chieveley, 1706-1796; property in Oare, Chieveley, 1635-1880; property in Midgham, 1639-1730; Padworth manor, 1670-1690; property in Speenhamland, Speen, 1597-1872; Colthrop manor, Thatcham, 1553-1801; property in Thatcham (inc Colthrop, Cold Ash, Henwick etc), 1573-1880; Wasing manor, 1639-1760; property in Wasing, 1639-1848; property in Woolhampton, 1568-1798; property in Hampshire, 1702-1787, Oxfordshire, 1639- 1730, Surrey, 1717-1753, and Middlesex, 1775.

MISCELLANEOUS : genealogical papers, n.d.; books of drawings, n.d.; supplement to Morning Herald, 1827; photograph of Rules and Orders board from servants' hall, Wasing Place, c.1760; bonds to keep covenants, 1695, 1721.
RepositoryBerkshire Record Office (code: GB 005)
Extent34 vols, 147 bdls, 68 docs
Admin HistoryThis collection comprises documents relating to estates in the adjoining parishes of Aldermaston, Wasing, Brimpton, Thatcham and Chieveley. As is often the case with Berkshire estates the manorial records are few and not very comprehensive.

The family papers are of special interest in so far as members of the Mount family were Stationers of London during the eighteenth century. This fact explains in part the existence of a number of business records, and also the comparative lack of official archives derived from public offices held. The small area of the parish of Wasing and its tiny population account for the presence among these archives of such parochial records as are extant. These last have been treated as a separate entity and are listed in the BRO catalogue of Parish Records under D/P 146.
AcquisitionDeposited in June 1949 (acc. 157); in November 1949 (accs. 193 and 195); in May 1965 (acc. 1129); in September 1966 (acc. 1242)

Schedule of accessions
Acc. 157 : M4, 7, 8
Acc. 193 : A1-22 ; B1-5 ; E1-26, 27 part, 28 ; F1-23 ; L1-4 ; M1-2, 5 ; O1-4 ; P1-11 ; T1-5, 7, 14, 15, 17, 18, 25, 27, 32, 37-44, 45 part, 46-48 ; Z1-3
Acc. 195 : E27 part ; M3, 6, 10 ; T6, 8-13, 16, 19-24, 26, 28-31, 33-36, 45 part
Acc. 193 or 195 : M9
Acc. 1129 : E29-32 ; F24 ; M11 ; P12 ; Q1 ; T49-87 ; Z5-6
Acc. 1242 : Z4
Related MaterialRecords in other collections

Earlier deeds and estate papers relating to Wasing manor and estate, which was owned before 1730 by the Verney family, are held with the Verney Papers at Claydon House, Middle Claydon, Bucks, where they may be consulted by appointment. A copy of the sections of the catalogue relating to the family's Berkshire estates is available at Berkshire Record Office (reference T/XA 49).
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