Catalogue ReferenceD/ER
TitleMiscellaneous Berkshire papers
DescriptionDeposited in January 1952 (acc. 476); January 1954 (acc. 597); June 1961 (acc. 843A); August 1962 (acc. 881); November 1962 (acc. 893); July 1963 (acc. 938); December 1965 (acc. 1173); November 1977 (acc. 2269)

Cat: 1952; AG 1978-1979

Acc. 381: E15
Acc. 476: B1-4; E1-14, 16-51; F1-105, 107, 109-116, 118, 121, 126-127, 129-130, 131A, 133-134, 136-144; L1-5, 7, 9-13; M1-4, 11-16, 19; O1-24, 26-27; P1-4, 7, 9-11; Q1-14, 23-24; T1-143; T145/1; T146-157; Z14-15, 17-18, 20, 22-26
Accs. 597, 843A, 881, 893, 1173: B5-10; E15-51; L6, 8; M5-10; P5, 12; T158-533; Z1-12
Acc. 833 (part): C3, 5-6; E54-59, 63-64, 69-70, 72-75, 80-82; F106, 117; L14; M18; P6; Q15, 17-18, 21-22; T535-539, 541-556, 559, 561, 571-572, 576-577, 579-580, 583-585, 587-590, 599-600, 602-606, 608-609, 611-613, 615-615A, 619-623, 635-643, 645-659, 662, 664-687; Z13, 21
Acc. 938: E52-53; M17; T540, 557-558, 560, 562-570, 573, 607
Acc. 2269: B11-15; E60, 71, 76-79; F108, 119-120, 122, 125, 131, 132, 135; L15; O25; T574, 586, 616
Acc. 3487 (part): C1-2, 4; E61-62, 65-68; F123-124, 128; L16; P8; Q16, 19-20; T534, 575, 578, 581-582, 591-598, 601, 610, 614, 617-618, 624-634, 644, 660-661, 663, 688-703; Z16, 19
RepositoryBerkshire Record Office (code: GB 005)
Admin HistoryThe records listed in this catalogue were deposited at various dates between 1952 and 1978 by the Reading Borough Librarian, in accordance with the agreement that material relating to parishes oputside Reading should be held by the County Record Office. The papers were acquired by the library from various sources, which it has not always been possible to identify, though the main groups are listed below.
Many of the papers were sorted at one stage by Mrs Muriel Clark (nee Maplesden), wife of Arthur F Clark of Reading, solicitor, honorary archivist to Reading Library. Acc. 833 intermixed papers from this collection with her own personal papers, which have been listed as D/EX159. Her papers deposited in Reading Borough Archives are now R/D203.
Some documents not relating to Berkshire were transferred to other Record Offices in 1962, 1963 and 1979.
As noted above, this collection is an artificial accumulation. Some papers, such as those of the Stevens family of Bradfield (inter alia, D/ER/T25-26 and T145/1) appear to be strays from other collections in BRO.
Papers of the Cholmeley family of Whitby, Yorkshire, are included here either through a connection with the Aston family of Faringdon or through the succession of Francis Cholmeley to the estates of Sir Henry Englefield at Earley Whiteknights (D/ER/T147/1)); see VCH, Bedfordshire, III, 215, and Burke's Landed Gentry, 1914 (Fairfax-Cholmeley). For the Aston family, see D/ER/E2 and 8, and T40, 139, 147/1-6, 153, 156, 276; they are also represented by the commission of appointment of Richard Aston as Chief Justice of Common Pleas for Ireland, 1761 (D/ER/O26).
Some solicitors' papers appear to be from dispersals, and were presumably acquired piecemeal from dealers. Those of John Roberts and Edward Wise of Wokingham appear in sveral small groups. Papers of two or three Reading solicitors also occur.
Papers of the Perkins family of Ufton Nervet may be traced also in other collections; it is known that some of their papers were on offer by a dealer in c.1967. Their estates were inherited by the Jones family of Llanarth. See D/ER/E60 and T87-88, 90, 436-439.
A few manuscripts from the collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps are in this collection; their numbers are noted in the catalogue entries.
Some of the papers (bearing stick-on labels) are from the Slocock collection fo a local antiquary; these included some relating to other counties.
A few papers, notably D/ER/E27 and T265, are from the Clayton family records.
Papers of the Rich family of Holme Park, Sonning, include a quietus of Samuel Danvers as Sheriff of Northamptonshire, 1648-1651 (D/ER/O25), presumably held by the former family through a later marriage.
A small number of parochial records were received with this collection. They included a volume of overseers' accounts and vestry minutes for the liberty of Broad Hinton, Hurst, which was catalogued as D/P73/12/4. Other parochial records, for Burghfield, Hurst, Reading St Laurence, Shinfield, Sonning, Swallowfield and Tilehurst, have been listed here (D/ER/Q10, 15-17, 19-22, but have also been assigned numbers on the appropriate parish catalogues, and it is the parish (D/P) references which should be used to order them.
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