Catalogue ReferenceD/MC13
TitleRecords of Newbury and Hungerford Methodist Circuit

Circuit meetings and administration
Quarterly (later Circuit) Meeting minutes, 1971-2010 (incomplete); financial statements, 1971-1976 (incomplete); General Purposes Committee minutes, 1971-1991; Mission Committee minutes, 1974-1992; World and Society Team minutes, 1998-2000; missionary accounts, 1971-1992; Property Committee minutes, 1961-1989; Pastoral Visitors’ Committee minutes (unsigned) and papers, 1977-2000; manse trustees minutes, 1967-1976; property files, 1865-2010; papers relating to various trusts, 1905-1994.

Circuit reports and schedules
Circuit property schedules, 1995-2009; membership schedules, 1973-2003; financial schedules, 2001/2-2004/5; stationing schedules, 1994-2000.

Preaching plans and directories
Plans, 1971-2010; directories, 1972-2009.

Local preachers’ meeting
Local preachers’ meeting minutes, 1980-2010.

Registers or rolls of members: Worlds End, n.d. [c.1971]-1977; Chieveley, n.d. [c.1971-1976]; Burghclere, n.d. [c.1971]-1991; Brightwalton and Leckhampstead, 1989-1990; Aldbourne and Ramsbury, 1996-2003.

Baptisms (Aldbourne section), 1969-1986.

Inaugural programme, 1971.


The following documents were previously catalogued as D/N :

Old reference: New reference
D/N 4/1/11: D/MC 13/9/1
D/N 4A/1/1: D/MC 13/5A/2
RepositoryBerkshire Record Office (code: GB 005)
Extent10 vols, 59 bdls, 25 docs
Admin HistoryEight societies from Hungerford circuit (D/MC 12) joined 18 in Newbury circuit (D/MC 9) to form Newbury and Hungerford Methodist circuit in September 1971.

In 2010 the circuit amalgamated with Andover to form the Kennet and Test Valley Methodist Circuit (D/MC22).
AcquisitionDeposited in March 1979 (acc. 2369 part); July 1988 (acc. 4263); January 1990 (acc. 4514); December 1990 (acc. 4687); December 1991 (acc. 4920); March 1992 (acc. 4975 part); August 1992 (acc. 5072 part); November 1992 (acc. 5123 part); December 1992 (acc. 5144); December 1993 (acc. 5329); December 1994 (acc. 5548); August 1998 (acc. 6284); November 2000 (acc. 6635); March 2003 (acc. 7181); October 2003 (acc. 7284); December 2005 (acc. 7716); January 2009 (acc. 8331); August 2010 (acc. 8631); February 2011 (acc. 8752); December 2015 (acc. 9742 part); January 2016 (acc. 9758); July 2017 (acc. 10127); June 2019 (acc. 10547); July 2019 (acc. 10570)

Schedule of accessions
Acc. 2369 (part): 5A/2; 9/1
Acc. 4263: 5A/4/1-4
Acc. 4514: 5A/4/5-6; 5A/5/1-2; 5B/1
Acc. 4687: 5A/5/3-6; 5B/2
Acc. 4920: 5A/5/7-10; 5B/3
Acc. 4975 (part): 3D/1-2
Acc. 5072 (part): 7A/1
Acc. 5123 (part): 5A/1, 3
Acc. 5144: 5A/5/11-14; 5B/4
Acc. 5329: 5A/6; 5B/5
Acc. 5548: 5A/7; 5B/6
Acc. 6284: 5A/9-11; 5B/7-10
Acc. 6635: 5A/12-14; 5B/11-12
Acc. 7181 5A/8
Acc. 7284: 5A/15-16; 5B/13-15
Acc. 7716: 5A/17-19; 5B/16-17
Acc. 8331: 5A/20-22; 5B/19-20
Acc. 8631: 1A/1-3; 1B/1; 1D/1; 2A/1-2; 2B/1-5; 3C/1-2; 5A/23-25; 5B/21; 6A/1-2; 6C/1; 8A/1-2
Acc. 8752: 3A/1-12; 3D/3-7; 4A/1-4
Acc. 9742: 1A/4-5; 1C/1; 1D/2-13; 2G/1; 3A/13, 30, 32; 3D/10-12; 4A/5-8; 5A/3/1-2, 4; 5A/24/1-3; 5A/26-33; 5B/18; 6C/2
Acc. 9758: 3A/14-29, 31; 3D/8-9
Acc. 10127: 3A/33-34; 3D/5/2; 3D/13-15; 6A/3
Acc. 10547: 3D/16
Acc. 10570: 1C/2-3; 1D/14; 3A/35-37; 3D/17-18; 8A/3
ArrangementClassification scheme for Methodist circuit records

[This scheme shows how the collection is arranged. This collection does not include every type of record in the scheme. See the summary for records included in this collection.]

1 Circuit Meetings and Administration

1A Quarterly Meeting/Circuit Meeting Minutes
1B Accounts [of Quarterly Meeting]
1C Correspondence
1D Other records

2 Circuit Committees

2A Finance and Invitation/ General Purposes Committees
2B Missions Committee
2C Youth and Education Committees [including Sunday School]
2D Women's Committees
2E Christian Citizenship/Social Responsibility Committee
2F Manse Committee
2G Other Committees

3 Trustees (later Property Committee)

3A Property [deeds, registers of deeds, etc]
3B Trustees [registers and lists of trustees]
3C Minutes
3D Manses [including minutes of manse trustees]
3E Other records

4 Circuit reports and schedules

4A Reports and chapel, trust and school schedules
4B Other reports and schedules

5 Preaching plans and directories

5A Plans [including combined plans and directories]
5B Directories

6 Local preachers

6A Local preachers' meeting minutes
6B Accounts
6C Other records

7 Circuit registration

7A Baptism
7B Burial

8 Membership

8A Roll books and registers
8B Other records

9 Printed material/Miscellaneous
Related MaterialRecords in other collections

Circuit records
D/MC9: Various
D/MC12/6A/1: Local preachers' meeting minutes

Records of individual churches
D/MS 3: Hungerford Bath Road
D/MS 5: West Shefford
D/MS 7: Aldbourne Lottage Road
D/MS 8: Lambourn
D/MS 15: Stroud Green
D/MS 21: Boxford
D/MS 31: Chaddleworth
D/MS 32: Chilton Foliat
D/MS 35: Compton
D/MS 40: East Garston
D/MS 44: Hungerford Bridge Street
D/MS 45 Inkpen
D/MS 46: Leckhampstead Thicket
D/MS 51: Newbury Northbrook Street
D/MS 73: Thatcham
D/MS 78: Wash Common
D/MS 86: Worlds End
D/MS 88: Kintbury
D/MS 90: Burghclere
D/MS 94: Kingsclere
D/MS 106: Aldbourne West Street [transferred to Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office] D/MS 107: Baydon [transferred to Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office]
D/MS 108: Ramsbury [transferred to Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office]
Access ConditionsWith the exception of registers of baptism, marriage and burial, and other material whose contents have been made public, records of the Methodist Church are closed for 30 years, and pastoral records for 75 years, in accordance with Methodist Church standing orders.

Applications for access to closed records must be made in writing to the County Archivist.
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