Catalogue ReferenceD/MS44
TitleRecords of Hungerford Bridge Street Primitive Methodist Church

Society administration
Trustees' meeting minutes, 1937-1967; trust accounts, 1876-1919, 1940-1978; trustees' cash book, 1907-1969; deeds of church site, 1616-1802; certificate of registration for marriages, 1868; bill for repairs, 1925; trustees' correspondence, 1937-1939; caretaker's insurance policy, 1907; leaders' meeting minutes, 1945-1955; church meeting minutes, 1983-2001 (incomplete); Church Council meetings, 1988-2003 (incomplete); accounts, 1876-1919, 1986-1994; collection accounts, 1876-1892, 1911-1923, 1953-1985; statements of accounts, 1986-1989; Fabric Committee minutes, 1987; quinquennial reports, 1988, 2003-2008; correspondence and papers relating to Local Ecumenical Project, 1983-1990; papers relating to Cyber Café, 1999-2004; general correspondence, 1991-1995; property papers, 1984-1994; papers on 9 Bridge Street, Hungerford, 1990-1996.

Society organisations
Women's Fellowship minutes, 1946-2005, and photographs, c.1996-1997; Junior Wesley Guild photograph, 1954.

Service of the church
Pulpit notices, 1920-1922; 125th anniversary order of service, 1993.

Printed material/Miscellaneous
Photographs, c.1980-1989; historical notes, c.1983-1995.
RepositoryBerkshire Record Office (code: GB 005)
Extent12 vols, 23 bdls, 9 docs, 4 files
Admin HistoryPrimitive Methodist worship in Hungerford appears to have begun in 1830, when a house in the town was registered as a place of worship (probably Moon Lane, where a chapel is recorded in local directories). A separate congregation met in Eddington from 1834, and a chapel opened in Oxford Street, Eddington in 1838. These societies appear to have amalgamated to build the church in Bridge Street, 1864-1868, the Eddington Chapel being converted into Anglican day and Sunday Schools, c.1867.

The church building was altered in 1907, with the addition of a schoolroom.

Between 1986 and 1988 the church was part of a Local Ecumenical Project under the name of Christ Church, Hungerford, with the United Reformed Church and local Baptists. The Methodists withdrew from this in September 1988.
AcquisitionDeposited in June 1967 (acc. 1335 part); June 1972 (acc. 1748 part); February 1982 (acc. 3450 part); August 1992 (acc. 5072 part); July 1995 (acc. 5652 part); March 2003 (acc. 7182); July 2007 (acc.8071); October 2009 (acc. 8474); August 2010 (acc. 8634); March 2016 (acc. 9845); July 2019 (acc. 20571)

Schedule of accessions
Acc. 1335 (part): 1C/2-3; 1D/1; 1G/1; 2B/1-2
Acc. 1748 (part): 2A/1
Acc. 3450 (part): 1A/1; 1B/1-2
Acc. 5072 (part): 2B/3-4
Acc. 5652 (part): 1C/1
Acc. 7182: 2A/2; 2B/5; 2D/1-2; 2E/1-8; 3A/1-2; 3D/1; 4B/1; 8/1-5
Acc. 8071: 2A/3-6; 2B/6; 2B/6; 2D/3
Acc. 8474: 2B/7-8; 2E/9; 3A/3
Acc. 8634: 2D/4
Acc. 9845: 2A/7, 9
Acc. 10571: 2E/10
ArrangementClassification scheme for Methodist society (chapel or church) records

[This scheme shows how the collection is arranged. This collection does not include every type of record in the scheme. See the summary for records included in this collection.]

1 Trustees
1A Trustees' meeting minutes
1B Trust accounts
1C Chapel property [deeds, certificates, licences, appointments of trustees]
1D Correspondence
1E Related committees
1F Other property [eg manse, hall, school]
1G Other

2 Leaders and society stewards/Church Council)
2A Leaders' meeting/Church Council minutes
2B Accounts
2C Committees
2D Correspondence
2E Other

3 Society organisations
3A Women's groups [except Women's Work
3B Men's groups
3C Joint fellowship [except Sunday Institute]
3D Youth organisations [except Sunday School]
3E Missions [including Women's Work]
3F Other

4 Service of the church
4A Pulpit notices
4B Orders of service
4C Ministers' papers
4D Other

5 Registration
5A Baptism
5B Marriage
5C Burial

6 Membership
6A Registers, class books and directories
6B Young disciples
6C Other

7 Sunday School and Sunday Institute
7A Sunday School minutes and accounts
7B Sunday School registers and cradle rolls
7C Other Sunday School records
7D Sunday Institute

8 Printed material/Miscellaneous
Related MaterialRecords in other collections

D/MC 11-13: Circuit records

D/MC 13/3A/4: Property file, 1988-2008

D/MC 13/3D/3-4: Manse file, 1985-2009
Access ConditionsWith the exception of registers of baptism, marriage and burial, and other material whose contents have been made public, records of the Methodist Church are closed for 30 years, and pastoral records for 75 years, in accordance with Methodist Church standing orders.

Applications for access to closed records must be made in writing to the County Archivist.
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