Catalogue ReferenceR/D145/1/1-29
TitleMiscellaneous bills and vouchers collected by the society.
Description1. Jonathan Tanner, King Street, Reading, mercer, linen and woollen draper, haberdasher and hosier, 1790.
2. A. M. Smart and T. Cowslade, printers of the Reading Mercury and Oxford Gazette, 1793.
3. R. Hoskin, Duke Street, Reading, linen draper, hosier and haberdasher, 1818.
4. Thomas Noke, High Street, Windsor, hatter to their Royal Highnesses the Princesses, 1831. (Billhead includes the royal coat of arms.)
5. R. Billing, Katesgrove Kiln Counting House, Bridge Street, Reading, 1834-1835. (Bill to Colonel Blagrave for tiles and lime.)
6. John Sutton, Reading Seed Warehouse, 13 King Street, Reading, seedsman and florist, 1835.
7. Giles Ayres, Gas Wharf, Reading, coal dealer, 1835.
8. G Botly, 25 King Street, Reading, cutler, surgical instrument maker, jeweller and silversmith, 1838.
9, 11. Cowslade & Co, Market Place, Reading, printers, 1839-1840. (Bills for printing the Reading Mercury.)
10. Fynmore & Jenner, London Street, Reading, grocers, tea dealers and Italian oil and colour warehouse, 1840. (Billhead includes Reading borough coat of arms.)
12. Williams & Sons, 2 London Street, Reading, furnishing and general ironmongers, 1841.
13. R. Lawrance & Son, Reading, linen drapers, haberdashers and hosiers, 1841.
14. Frederick P. Everell, 12 Duke Street, Reading, linen and woollen draper, man's mercer, hatter, hosier and glover, 1842. (Illustrated billhead with image of man in hat in bucolic scene.)
15, 21. Samuel Collier, 15 Minster Street, Reading, dealer in china, glass and Staffordshire ware, 1843 and 1848. (Billheads include Reading borough coat of arms.)
16. Herbert Lewis, Reading, woollen draper and man's mercer, 1844.
17. R. Pearce, King Street, Reading, fishmonger and orange merchant, 1845. (Billhead illustrated with fish and barrels.)
18. Johnson & Son, 1 Minster Street, Reading, tea delaers and grocers, 1845.
19. John Chamberlin [sic], 10 Minster Street, Reading, hatmaker, 1847. (Illustrated billhead is a picture of a live beaver on a river bank.)
20. John and Charles Cocks, Reading, manufacturers of 'the genuine Reading Sauce', 1847.
22. William Lindars, Crown & Thistle Commercial Inn and Family Hotel, Abingdon, 1849.
23-24. John Sutton & Sons, 7 and 8 Market Place, Reading, nurserymen, seed growers and contract planters, 1850. (Two bills, both with illusrated billheads. One has an image of a greenhouse and garden, the other images of the shop and an example of a garden.)
25. William P. Ivey, 63 Minster Street, Reading, silk mercer, 1850.
26. Katesgrove Iron Works, Reading, 1852. (Illustrated billhead with images of Barrett, Exall & Andrewes' steam engine and threshing machine, patent hand power thrashing machine and two horse power thrashing machine and patent safety horse work.)
27. R. D. Catchpool, 9 Duke Street, Reading, bar iron merchant, and furnishing and manufacturing ironmonger, 1864.
28. Lamb & Chancellor, 8 High Street, Reading, wax and tallow chandlers and oil merchants, 1867.
29. Henry Alfred Wilkins, Broad Face Commercial Inn and Coach Office, High Street, Reading, n.d.
RepositoryBerkshire Record Office (code: GB 005)
Extent1 bdl
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