Catalogue ReferenceD/EX2020/12
TitleStephen Mundy's MS song book.
Description(Compilation of Mr Mundy's favourite songs. Includes musical notation of tunes and lyrics, [dance] tunes and folk, popular and comic songs. The majority is written in Stephen Mundy's hand, and seems to have originally been written on large individual sheets cut up for binding. The last few songs (from p. 428) are in another hand.)

pp. 1-36 Not used (instructions for binding on p. 19)

Tunes only (dances)

p. 37 [Tune with title cut off]; and La Carçon Volage [sic] (The Flying Boy)
p. 38 [-] Dance
pp. 38-39 Bouquet
p. 39 La Poule (quadrille)
p. 40 Dutches [sic] of Gloucester
pp. 40-41 The Social
p. 41 Lord St Orville
p. 42 Hungarian or Vauxhall Waltz
pp. 42-43 Juliana
p. 43 Juliens Cottage
p. 44 Chatsworth House
pp 44-45 Isle of France
p. 45 Miss Platoff
p. 46 Voulez vous danser, Mademoiselle
pp. 46-47 Lady Caroline Bertie
p. 47 Paddy O'Rafferty
p. 48 Waltz
pp. 48-49 Copenhagen Waltz
p. 49 Morgiana in Spain
p. 50 Kinlock of Kinlock; and Enrico
p. 51 Argyle; and Floretta
p. 52 La Belle Brunette
pp. 52-53 Lady Clive's Favourite
p. 53 Irish Washerwoman
p. 54 Lady Mary
pp. 54-55 The Guaracha Dance
p. 55 Magic Bridge
p. 56 Miss Spicer
pp. 56-57 Trip to Conway
p.57 Muses
p. 58 Lady Mary Ramsey; and Alexandrietta
p.59 The Will; Sir David Hunter Blair; and The Tank
p. 60 We with fun the Stocking throw; and Shambury
p. 61 Rondo, by Pleyel
p. 62 Gipsey [sic] Rondo, by Hayden [sic?]
p. 63 My Ain Kind Deary O; and The Miller of Trent
p. 64 Basque Roads
pp. 64-65 The Regency
p. 65 Waltz, by Mozart
p. 66 Lots of Kisses
pp. 66-67 The Recovery
p. 67 The Departure
p. 68 Honey Moon
pp. 68-69 Village Maid
p. 69 The Tank
p. 70 Cossack Love Song
pp. 70-71 The Muses
p. 71 Turnpike Gate
p. 72 Culver Lodge; and Merton House
p. 73 Mrs McLeod; and La Mozart
pp. 74-75 Austrian Retreat
p. 75 Lord Dalhousie; and German Waltz
p. 76 Enrico
pp. 76-77 Gloster Waltz
p. 77 Ap Shenkin
p. 78 Duke of Norfolk's Waltz; and The Permit
p. 79 Miss Tilney Long; and Barrosso
p. 80 Corri's Whim
pp. 80-81 Hornpipe
p. 81 The Nymph
p. 82 Life Let Us Cherish; and La Pipe Ta Bac
p. 83 Kreith's Rondo; and Lira Lira La
p. 84 York House
pp. 84-85 Nicolai's Rondo
p. 85 Money Musk
p. 86 Pleyel's Fancy; and College Hornpipe
p. 87 Del Caro's Hornpipe; and Swede's Hornpipe
p. 88 Spanish Dance
pp. 88-89 Rondo, taken from Steibelt's Concerto, The Storm
p. 89 Chant Russe
p. 90 Saust's Rondo; and Scotch Air
p 91 In My Cottage near a Wood; and Irish Air
p. 92 Dance In Fanny's Love; and Little Sinnings In Love
p. 93 German Waltz;and God Save The Emperor
p.94 Clementi's Polacca; and Swiss Air
p. 95 Richer's Hornpipe; and Nobody coming to woo
p. 96 Duchess of Brunswick's Favourite
pp. 96-97 Noel Park
p. 97 Lord Milton Hornpipe
p. 98 Maid of Lodi
pp. 98-99 Parisot's Hornpipe
pp. 99 When pensive I thought of my love; and Negro Dance
p. 100 Bugle Horn; and Paddy O'Carrol
p. 101 Will you come to the Bower; and Pas Seul
p. 102 Laurette
pp. 102-103 Pleyel's Rondo
p. 103 Speed the Plough
p. 104 Public Opinions, by Marks
pp. 104-105 The last time I came O'er the Muir
p. 105 Country Bumpkin
p. 106 The Wolds of Sussex
pp. 106-107 Morgiana in Ireland
p. 107 Duke of Montrose's Reel
p. 108 Miss Morgan's Waltz; and Mrs Parker's Hornpipe
p. 109 Lady Cholmondley's Waltz; and The Stralsund Waltz
p. 110 Sprigs of Laurel
pp. 110-111 The Bird Catcher, by Mozart
p. 111 Finale, from Le Retour de Zephyr
p. 112 Sul Margine d'un Rio
pp. 112-113 Loch Erroch Side
p. 113 Duchess of York's Waltz
p. 114 Calabria; and Time's a tell tale
p. 115 The Runaway; and Montreal
p. 116 Merrily danced the Quaker's Wife; and Miss Thompson's Fancy
p. 117 Quick Step; and Money in both Pockets
p. 118 Stanley's Favo[u]rite Gavot
p. 119 The Peasants; and La Paysanne
p. 120 Old Roger of Coventry; and My Father kiss'd Mother
p. 121 Prince Dolgorucki; and Lord Wellington
pp. 122-123 Waltz, by Mozart
p. 123 Bath Waltz
pp. 124-125 [Three waltzes]
p. 125 Jenny's Bawbee
p. 126 Miss Gibb's Waltz
pp. 126-127 Cheltenham Waltz
p. 127 The Self
p. 128 The Flower of Edinburgh; and Prime of Life
pp. 128-129 Sydenham Wells
p. 129 Dusty Miller; and Tekeli
p. 130 St Patrick's Day; and New Jubilee
p. 131 Drops of Brandy; and Mother Goose
p. 132 Murphy Delany; and Quick Step
p. 133 Quick Step; Hornpipe; and Waltz
p. 134 Air - in the Poor Soldier
p. 135 The Irish Hautboy
p. 136 Monmouth Fair
p. 137 Ranz des Vaches
p. 138 Plicadaincha
pp. 138-139 Les Plaisirs
p. 139 Spanish Fandango
p. 140 The Pedlar
p. 141 The Salamanca Castanets; and Here and There
p. 142 The Golden Pheasant
pp. 142-143 I'll gang na mair to yon Town
p. 143 Draycot Lodge
p. 144 The Bubble; and La Belle
p. 145 Malbrouk; and La Belle Jeannette
p. 146 La Belle Cathrine [sic]
pp. 146-147 Capt[ain] Mackintosh
p. 147 Ih ca Ira
p. 148 Mrs Casey; and What a Beau
p. 149 Hayden's Fancy; and The Princes Favo[u]rite
p. 150 Slingsby's Allemande; and Chelmsford Races
p. 151 Air, by Pleyet; and The General Toast
p. 152 The Four Seasons
pp. 152-153 The Emperor of Russia's Waltz
p. 153 The National Waltz; and Golden Fish
pp. 154-155 Page numbers omitted
pp. 156 The Tars of the Victory; and Sir Rich[ar]d Strachan
p. 157 The Muses; and Step Sure
p. 158 Lady Caroline Lee's Waltz
pp. 158-159 Lightly Trip
p. 159 The Nameless
p. 160 The Castilian
pp. 160-161 Miss Bristow's Hornpipe
p. 161 Zodiac
p. 162 Paddy O'Connor; and The Committe [sic]
p. 163 The Jew Pedlar; and England Stands Secure
p. 164 General Moore's Favo[u]rite
p. 164-165 Lord Cathcart's Welcome to Scotland
p. 165 Capper Fey
p. 166 The Emperor of Hayti; or King of the Catties
pp. 166-167 The Refusal
p. 167 The Rose
p. 168 Mr O'Connell
pp. 168-169 Lady Barbara Ashley Cooper
p. 169 Miss Sinclair's Hornpipe
pp. 170-171 La Terza
p. 171 La Prisoniere
p. 172 Duke Wellington's Welcome to London
pp. 172-173 To and Fro thus we go
pp. 173-174 The Shannon Hornpipe (including note of dance steps)
p. 174 Vulcan's Cave

Songs (words and music)

pp. 175-181 The Sea
pp. 182-185 Hence Bear Away
pp. 186-191 They Mourn Me Dead
pp. 192-193 Jenny Jones
pp. 194-207 Not used
pp. 208-211 Nelson
pp. 212-213 He Was Fam'd (Victory)
pp. 214-217 The Favourite Masquerade Song
pp. 218-219 The Origin Of Gunpowder
pp. 220-221 Scots, Wha Hae Wi Wallace Bled!
pp. 222-223 Oh Bring Me A Bowl
pp. 224-225 Oh! Rest Thee Babe
pp. 226-227 Oh! Say Not Woman's Heart Is Bought
pp. 228-230 Dulce Domum
pp. 231-233 National Blunders
pp. 234-235 The Mermaid's Song
pp. 236-237 Tell Me On What Holy Ground
pp. 238-239 Savoyard Boy
pp. 240-241 Wilt Thou Forget Me
pp. 242-243 Beauty In Tears
pp. 244-245 She Lives In The Valley Below
pp. 246-247 The Dandy Beaus
pp. 248-249 The Heart That Can Feel For Another
pp. 250-251 When I Was A Boy In My Father's Mud Edifice
pp. 252-253 The Soldier's Adieu
p. 254 My Heart With Love Is Beating
p. 255 Love And Glory (beginning of tune only)
p. 256 Ere Around The Huge Oak
p. 257 Poor Mary Ann
pp. 258-259 Kitty Of Colerain
pp. 260-261 The Little Sailor Boy
pp. 262-263 Honest Ben
pp. 264-265 The Lass With Golden Hair
pp. 266-267 A Traveller Stop'd
pp. 268-269 Lash'd To The Horn
pp. 270-271 To Morrow
pp. 272-273 The Heaving Of The Lead
pp. 274-275 The Galley Slave
pp. 276-277 The Irish Newsman
pp. 278-279 Lillys [sic] And Roses
pp. 280-281 Darby Kelly
pp. 282-283 She Lives Not A Mile From The Meadow
pp. 284-285 Army And Navy
pp. 286-287 May We Ne'er Want A Friend
pp. 288-289 Tom Transom
pp. 290-291 The Old Commodore (tune only)
pp. 292-293 Rosebud Of Summer
pp. 294-295 A Heart That O'erflows
pp. 296-297 Adieu My Native Land
pp. 298-299 The Bee Proffers Honey
pp. 300-301 O Cold Was The Climate
pp. 302-303 The Queer Little Man
pp. 304-305 The Wealth Of The Cottage
pp. 306-307 I've Something Else To Do
pp. 308-309 Little Sue
pp. 310-[311] Jessie The Flower O' Dumblane
pp. 312-313 The Answer To Jessie (tune only)
pp. 314-315 The Smugler [sic] (tune only)
pp. 316-317 The Glasses Sparkle On The Board
p. 318 Cast Iron Inventions
p. 319 [Blank]
p. 320 The Spanish Guitar
p. 321 [Blank]
pp. 322-323 A Soldier's Gratitude
p. 324 Every Inch A Sailor
p. 325 [Blank]
p. 326 Away To The Health
p. 327 [Blank]
pp. 328-329 Good Night
p. 330 The Banks of the Dee (tune only)
p. 331 [Blank]
p. 332 The Blue eye'd Stranger (tune only)
p. 333 [Blank]
p. 334 The Tyrolese Song (tune only)
p. 335 [Blank]
p. 336 Wapping Old Stairs (tune only)
p. 337 [Blank]
p. 338 Once a Man ran away (tune only)
p. 339 [Blank]
p. 340 The Sailor's Epitaph (tune only)
p. 341 [Blank]
p. 342 The Welch Harper (tune and first few words)
p. 343 [Blank]
p. 344 The all of Life (tune only)
p. 345 In my Cottage near a Wood (tune only)
p. 346 Crazy Nell (tune only)
p. 347 [Blank]
p. 348 The Sailor's Allegory (tune only)
p. 349 [Blank]
p. 350 Yeo Yeo
p. 351 Julia To The Wood Robin (tune only)
pp. 352-353 The Woodman (tune only)
pp. 354-357 Poor Joe The Marine
pp. 358-359 Hard Is The Fate Of Him Who Loves
pp. 360-363 The Post Captain
pp. 364-365 The Girl Of My Heart
pp. 366-367 From aloft the Sailor (tune only)
pp. 368-369 And Has She Then Fail'd In Her Truth
pp. 370-371 My Heart And Lute
pp. 372-374 New Lang Syne (tune and first few words)
pp. 375-377 The Light Guitar
pp. 378-380 The King! God Bless Him!
p. 381 [Blank]
p. 382 [When first I saw Flora]
p. 383 [Blank]
pp. 384-386 We'll Rove At Break Of Day, or Only Love My Love The More
p. 387 [Blank]
pp. 388-389 The Robin's Petition (tune only)
pp. 390-391 England The Anchor and Hope of the World (tune only)
pp. 392-393 The Sun that lights the Roses (tune only)
pp. 394-395 The Rose of Affection
pp. 396-397 Remember Me
pp. 398-399 A Shake By The Hand
pp. 400-401 Once More Enchanting Girl Adieu
pp. 402-403 Rise Gentle Moon
pp. 404-405 The Anchor's Weigh'd, by Braham
pp. 406-407 Fly From The World, Oh Bessy To Me
pp. 408-411 List Hermit List
p. 412 The Fairest Flower
pp. 413-415 The Light Bark
pp. 416-418 Alice Gray
pp. 419-422 Away, Away To The Mountain's Brow
pp. 423-424 Maid of Athens
pp. 425-427 The Old English Gentleman
pp. 428-432 With My Village Fair (Guylott)
pp. 433-435 The Maid Of Judah (Sloman)
pp. 436-442 [Blank]
Daten.d. [c.1837-1860]
RepositoryBerkshire Record Office (code: GB 005)
Extent1 vol
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